Polish Metals with Power Tools

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March 15, 2013 by Ling Abson

I use to finish my blanks by hand with sand paper or steel wool and at the end of the night, my arms would be so sore that I would have to stop. Holiday seasons are the worst, and that’s when I started thinking of using power tools to help get the job done. I’m so glad I did as it takes minutes to clean things up and I was able to get more necklaces done.

Here is a video that gives a very good introduction to the different bits and the types of effect one can achieve using a power tool such as a dremel or flex shaft.

Sometimes I like to go over the letters with a Sharpie to darken the letters and use the 3M sandpaper to clean up any excess. Experiment with the grit size. For my purpose, I like to use the 400 grit. The split mandrel is awesome for using sand paper in sheets.


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