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Hi, I’m Ling Abson – founder of Mikono, author of articles like How to Make Hand Stamped Jewelry, and recently, co-authoring a craft and DIY blog KnottyBoard.

I first wrote my how to hand stamped articles in 2011, writing the techniques down as a way to document it for myself and if others have found them useful too, that would be a bonus.  Over the short two years, I have received numerous questions and have gotten more traffic on these articles as the popularity of hand stamped jewelry grew.

Hand Stamped Group is my way of gathering my readers (like you) together so I can broadcast any information I have easily in a focused way.  If you are active on Facebook, you can also follow Hand Stamped Group on Facebook.

I am currently working on writing articles pertaining to how to sell hand stamped jewelry online.  This is a rather large subject, with lots of sub topics that I would love to cover in detail. One of the most often asked question I get is “Where is the best supplier to get blanks?”.  So, I have chosen to first write about my preferred suppliers in the “Ultimate Supplier Guide“.

If you would like to be informed when these articles are ready, like us on Facebook so you will be the first to know.


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